Capacity Development

Our contribution

Climate variability and change are not only environmental  problems,but can also have severe impacts on major growth sectors.

ACMAD prepares products and decision-aid tools in order to support policies implemented for sustainable development. The Centre is at the service of the following socio-economic sectors:

  • food security
  • water resources management
  • health
  • environmental protection
  • protection of lives and property
  • renewable energy management
  • insfrastructures and works

With a view to making weather and climate information accessible for the sustainable development of Africa,ACMAD is at the heart of a network linking specialised institutions in these particularly climate-sensitive sectors.

This networks facilitates the training of professionals on the complex subject of climate and variability and thus the development of linkages among disciplines, for an optimal and effective management of actions to face challenges that Africa must surmount.

Our different levels of intervention


  • Development of a climate database constituting a fundamental treasure for Africa
  • adaptation and evaluation of meterological prediction models specific to africa
  • analysis and prediction of high impact weather systems in line with THORPEX
  • daily weather forescast
  • monthly and decadal climate bulletins
  • provision of incitation funds for applied meteorological research


  • analysis and prediction of the African Monson(AMMA)
  • weather watch and prediction of natural disasters and hazardous climate phenomena
  • seasonal and climate prediction
  • organisation of thematic workshops in climate-sensitive sectors
  • hydrological predictions of basin flows


  • operationa capacity-building of National meteorological services
  • transfer of technology and equipment to african meteorological services
  • support to studies and research in applied meteorology
  • preparation of special bulletins relating to hazardous or climate phenomena with high socio)economic impacts

Our domains of competence

  • climate and environmental monitoring
  • predictions of meteorological phenomena
  • human capacity-building
  • telecommunication and technology transfer
  • information and communication