Climate and development Department



Under the direct supervision of the Director General, the Division will be responsible for building strategic research partnerships and coordinating active dialogue between science and operations, promoting measures to ensure a more integrated research effort across all ACMAD activities, coordinating, planning and organizing ACMAD research and innovation programmes and projects, related communication and outreach. The main functions include developing research and innovation proposals, identifying funding opportunities, mobilizing resources, coordinating implementation of research and innovation projects and programmes. In particular, the division will perform the following duties:

  • Coordinate research and innovation projects and monitor their implementation;
  • Liaise with WMO training Centres and Universities on curriculum updates based on latest science findings;
  • Provide latest science based advices and guidance to African decision and policy makers;
  • Establish collaborations and partnerships for research and innovation across Africa and beyond;
  • Provide incentives for young scientists in Africa;
  • Support detection of young scientists and facilitate supervision of their research activities;
  • Organize science and innovation conferences and events and facilitate African scientist contributions to relevant global sustainable development challenges including Climate change;
  • Plan and direct the research and innovation activities in the division including supervision of staff and management of assigned budget;
  • Plan and implement projects on innovation in collaboration with departments; Manage research and innovation grants;
  • Facilitate and organize implementation of testbeds and pilot demonstration activities;
  • Establish/maintain connections to global research programmes through in particular WMO;
  • Carry out other relevant duties as required.


  • Proposals submitted
  • Projects funded
  • Papers published
  • Table of scientists supervised in Africa
  • Work plans and Activity reports


Given the wide range of sectors impacted by climate change and the complexity of stakeholders involved in climate resilience and adaptation, the centre in close partnerships with institutions in those sectors hire when required advisors on agriculture, water, disaster, environment, law, land resources, migration, security…. The ToRs will be subject to the objectives of projects under implementation.


Projects supported by donors usually require technical assistance to transfer advances in science and technology from developed nations to Africa.  This office will hire experts to support projects implementation and relevant ToRs will be drawn according to the needs.