ClimSA’23 Forum

Purpose & Objectives :

The purpose of the forum is to build bridges between providers and users of climate services through the exchange of experiences and best practices stemming from the implementation of ClimSA programme, and learn about the contribution of stakeholder dialogue to enhance regional resilience in vulnerable countries.

The main objective is to raise awareness of the benefits of climate services for end-users in advancing dialogue among stakeholders through the mechanism of feedback, synergies and complementarities, particularly in relation to the operation of the RCCs and their Climate Services Information Systems. This will contribute to the sustainability of climate services generation, delivery and application, as well as to enhancing regional resilience in the most vulnerable countries in ACP regions.

Expected Outcomes
  • Climate services for Health: Establishment and operationalization of User Interface with WHO and ClimHealth Africa
  • Climate services for DRR: operationalization of User interface with OCHA, CIMA and IFRC with MYDEWEATRA platform
  • Climate services for agriculture and water: ¬†operationalization with PAFO and CLIMTAG, MUKAU platforms
  • Climate services for intfrastructure resilience: the needs of the infrastructure sector in Africa from the Abidjan workshops and Dr Lawal; ClimSA report


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