Online Africa Drought Monitoring and Advisory System User Engagement


December 20, 2023

09:30 GMT


About Presentation

African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development (ACMAD) is implementing a Drought Advisory system- namely the Mukau system- at the continental level. The system is being developed by ACMAD as part of the Intra-ACP Climate Services Project in collaboration with the Drought group of the Natural Disaster Risk Unit at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (funder) and NORCAP.
The Mukau system is a web application that manages monitoring, forecasting, and historic drought-related data; and is an adoption of the EDO and GDO by JRC adapted to the conditions in Africa.
It is to be a public online near-real-time system that uses Earth Observation and Weather information to monitor drought conditions in the African Continent.
It is an Open-Source software package that delivers Content Management and Web-map services optimised for geographical data representing long time series. It is used in the European Drought Observatory, the Global Drought Observatory, the South and Central American Drought Observatory, and the Catchment Characterization system. It is based on PHP, Python, MapServer, PostgreSQL, or Oracle.

When installing MUKAU in a regional meteorological agency, the system offers the possibility to automate data-inception, control, interpolation, computation of anomalies, and high-quality web mapping.
As part of the project implementation, a prototype of the African Drought Advisory system is to be presented to the user community. This presentation is scheduled to be delivered online on 20th December 2023.

The main objective of this online presentation is to demonstrate the added value of the system and what is capable of. After the presentation, the user community will be given an opportunity to appreciate the system, ask questions, and comments, and suggest any improvement. In addition, a questionnaire survey will be conducted to the participants asking for their feedback on the system design and suggesting improvements where required.
At the end of this presentation, awareness of the system’s existence will be raised among the user community; design inputs and functionalities which will help to design a system tailored to the user community needs and fit for purpose will be collected from the participants.

African Drought Monitoring Advisory system presentation (Wednesday, 20/12/2023 09:30 GMT)



Presenter / Moderator

9.30 – 9.35

Welcome and Introduction

ACMAD DG/ Romeo Nkurunziza

9.35 – 9.50

Alfred de Jager

09.50 – 10:10

Collins Asega

10:10 – 10:45

Discussions and suggestions for improvement

Romeo Nkurunziza

10:45 – 10:55

Filling out a feedback Google form

Sandrine Combere / Godefroid Nshimirimana

10:55 – 11:00

Closing remark/way forwards

ACMAD DG/Alfred de Jager/Other


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