2019 ACMAD’S Scientific Advisory Committee (SACOM)

2019 ACMAD’S Scientific Advisory Committee (SACOM)¬†

meeting on the development of 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Dates: May 06-09, 2019

Venue: Niamey, Niger ( ACMAD’s headquarters).


Driving growth and economic development by focusing on cooperation and integration of African States in the main aim of the African Union. Combating climate change in among the Sustainable Development Goals and ACMAD was established in 1985 by resolution 540 of the UN Economic Commission for Africa Conference of Ministers to provide continental scale weather and climate watches and act as the centre of excellence for the application of Meteorology for Development of Africa.

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SACOM) established by decision 2 of the UN Economic Commission for Africa Conference of Ministers in 1996 is the principal body advising the ACMAD Board of Governors on scientific matters related to the centre’s activities. It provides proposals and recommendations to Board of Governors. It is composed of seven eminent scientists selected in their personal capacity by the Centre’s Board of Governors for a term of four years . The membership will be renewed by 50% every two years.√ā¬† One of the members of the Committee shall√ā¬† be proposed by the Centre’s partners and the Director General shall be the Secretariat of this Committee.

When, where and who?

The SACOM meeting¬† will¬† be held from 06 -09 May 2019¬† in Niamey-Niger under the theme ACMAD’s strategic planning for 2019-2020 in support of Sustainable Development Goals in Africa ¬Ě.

About 10 people are expected to attend the training including SACOM members and ACMAD staff members.

What’s on the agenda?

The meeting will provide a platform to:  It will also be an opportunity to identify challenges  and guide  future activities.

  1. share information and knowledge on the context and justification of the strategy;
  2. discuss long term goals, strategic objectives and major areas of interventions as well as monitoring indicators for each strategic objective;
  3. identify challenges and guide future activities of the Centre

Over the three-day period, the meeting will be facilitated through a combination of presentations of elements of the draft strategic plan, plenary discussions, questions/answers and concluding recommendations or actions.

Expectations from the SACOM meeting

The meeting is expected to contribute to ACMAD’s strategic plan. The event intends to make recommendations to the Board of Governors to support approval and implementation¬† of the strategy.¬† The meeting is also expected to review cooperation, partnerships and available scientific developments required to accelerate implementation of the strategy.

Why Attend?

The¬† SACOM meeting¬† aims to bring together eminent scientists leading weather and climate operational and research programmes¬† to discuss and review ACMAD’s draft strategic plan and guide on collaborations and partnerships towards implementation to support a more resilient Africa with policies, strategies, plans and practices underpinned by the best possible climate services for sustainable development.
The meeting will provide unrivalled opportunity to strengthen continental scale cooperation on weather and climate services. It is, hence, a must-attend event for the identified participants wanting to share views and gain unique insights on the strategy,  partnerships and collaborative mechanisms for its implementation.
Please visit this web page regularly for new information regarding the meeting. This information include the agenda, documentation plan,and the draft programme .

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