Our mandates

With reference to the Constitution of ACMAD, the Centre’s  purpose is to improve understanding of atmospheric and climatic processes over Africa, collect, analyze and disseminate meteorological and hydrological information, provide a meteorological watch and early warning system over Africa and promote the training of African scientists and technicians in the application of meteorology for development.
With reference to Decision 2 of the United Economic Commission for Africa’s Conference of Ministers in 1996 sharpening the objectives and long term goal of ACMAD, the Centre’s is the a continental weather and climate watch institution for Africa and the African Centre of excellence for meteorological Application for sustainable development .

As the  continental weather and climate watch institution for Africa, ACMAD provides:

– Regular continental  medium to long range weather and climate prediction

Continental early warnings on drought, tropical cyclones and other extremes

As the  African Centre of Excellence for meteorological applications  for sustainable development  for Africa, ACMAD  provides:

–  Capacity building  on the applications of meteorology for sustainable social and economic development  at the national level;

– Development of methodologies  and techniques for applications at national and sub regional levels;

–  Stronger participation in global climate and weather watch programmes;

-Specialized training to relevant professionals  and development practitioners in Africa;

–  Appropriate research, data, and networking facilities  to research programmes in Africa.


N° Type Subject Date for adoption Body COMMENTS
01 Resolution 540 (xx) Decision on the creation of ACMAD Centre April 1985 UNECA Conference of Ministers
02 Resolution 621 (XXII) ACMAD Constitution approval 24 April 1987 UNECA Conference of Ministers
03 Resolution 651 (XXIII) Adoption of table of assessed contribution of member states 1989 UNECA Conference of Ministers
04 Resolution 741 (XXVII) Adoption of ACMAD Work Programme and Bugdet for 1992-1992 April 1992 UNECA Conference of Ministers
05 Resolution 755 (XXVIII) Adoption of ACMAD board membership May 1993 UNECA Conference of Ministers
06 Decision 2 (XXV) Adoption of ACMAD Work Programme and Bugdet for 1994-1996 2 May 1994 UNECA Conference of Ministers
07 Decision 2(XXXI) Sharpening the long term goals and objectives of ACMAD 1996 UNECA Conference of Ministers
08 Resolution 827 (XXII) Rationalization of Institutions under the aegis of UNECA 1997 UNECA Conference of Ministers
09 M.O.U OMM/CEA Memorandum of Understanding 1999 ECA and WMO
10 Management Document BoG-15 ACMAD’S financial Regulation June 2011 ACMAD/BoG
11 Resolution CEA/CM 651(XXIII) Table of assessed contributions of African countries to ACMAD 1988-1993 UNECA Conference of Ministers