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Presass-11 Update: The Seasonal precipitation outlook from July to September 2024
Above normal rainfall expected over most parts of Sahelian countries from July to September 2024.
The Seventeenth African Continental Climate Outlook Forum
ACMAD in collaboration with its partners organized the 17th African Continental Climate Outlook Forum (ACCOF17) from May 30-31, 2024, Addis Ababa
The fourth ACMAD-ClimSA Project Steering Commitee Meeting
ACMAD organizes the 4th ClimSA project steering committee meeting on May 28, 2024 in ADDIS ABABA.
Continental and regional workshop on Drought monitoring and Early warning
ACMAD in collaboration with ICPAC, JRC and the Meteo Rwanda is organizing a workshop on Drought monitoring and Early warning. The aim is to empower African institutions with vital tools like Africa Drought Monitoring and Advisory System and East Africa Drought watch
ACMAD, in collaboration with the Regional Climate Centre for West Africa and the Sahel (AGRHYMET), and other partners are organising the seasonal rainfall Outlook Forum for the Sahelian and Sudanian zones of West Africa and the Sahel (PRESASS-11).
ACMAD in collaboration with CAPC is organizing the the eighteenth forum on seasonal climate Outlooks in Central Africa (PRESAC-18).
ACMAD in collaboration with AGRHYMET and its partners organize the Regional Climate Outlook Forum for the Gulf of Guinea countries, February 26 to March 01, Accra
Visit of the Algerian Ambassador at ACMAD
ACMAD was honored to welcome the Algerian Ambassador on January 09
Visit of the Italian Ambassador at ACMAD
ACMAD was honored to host the Italian Ambassador on January 16
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Ongoing global warming and rapid rising temperature is putting development objectives of Africa at stake.

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise worldwide. In response, Africa is experiencing significant and ongoing warming, as evidenced by the rapid rise in temperatures.

Mean Temperature anomaly over Africa, 1950-2022, relative to the average for 1991-2020.
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The Latest African Climate Outlook (June to September 2024) & Impact based forecast Analysis

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